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Hello Sleepers

This page is to chronicle the events of the campaign and to be used as an information hub to keep everyone up-to-date.

Backstory as revealed so far.

  • Two factions have been at war for centuries and are stuck in a stalemate: 'The Black Fist,' which claims its founder to be Edward I, and 'The Red Vanguard,' which claims its roots in the 1560s though credits Oliver Cromwell as its first true leader.

  • Both factions have different ideals for governance, but both also see the common folk as their cattle and believe only the 'higher folk' can rule effectively. Among many resources, both sides create and deploy 'sleeper agents' to do their bidding. They are a highly prized and expensive resource.

  • There is a 3rd smaller and even more secretive faction, the 'Silver Watch,' that claims its founder to be Mary, Queen of Scots. They believe in equality among all people. They have never been big enough to pose a threat to either faction, so they have been working in the shadows to keep both sides at a stalemate.

  • The Silver Watch has been discovered, and both the Black Fist and Red Vanguard are hunting them. From this, both sides have agreed to peace negotiations. As part of these peace talks, all sleeper agents are to be eliminated.

  • The 'Masked Man' believes he was contacted by the Silver Watch and has been given access to some of their resources, though his initial contacts have gone silent. He believes the Silver Watch wanted to recruit the Sleepers or at least save them.

  • The 'Masked Man' confesses that he only knows when a sleeper agent is going to be abducted at the last minute and so far has failed more than once. When a sleeper is taken, a 'decoy' is left in their place.

  • The 'Masked Man' says he's not a 'Sleeper Agent' and believes he can only protect himself through anonymity.

  • The 'Masked Man' says that Jen and Catherine are Sleepers of the Black Fist, and Ryan of the Red Vanguard. He hasn't stated Melanie's, Delfi's, or Valeria's affiliation yet.

Character Profiles

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