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Edinburgh's Ghosts, Murders, & Monsters (6).png

Edinburgh's dark history is long and horrifying. From witch trials, body snatchers, and serial killers, to cannibals, monsters, and the dead that refuse to rest. Come join me as we explore these dark histories in a style that will give you the chills!

This interactive virtual tour is in a horror video game style and includes jump scares.

Why I made this tour

I always had the most fun with my horror tour. Walking through graveyards at night with telling ghost stories was just so much fun! With a city as old as Edinburgh, there is so many dark stories to tell and horrors around every corner. From the serial killer's Burke and Hare to the supernatural horrors of Greyfriars Kirk.  Now that I have the opportunity, I wish to turn this into a virtual horror tour where we can travel into the dark parts of the city in the safety of your own home

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