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Edinburgh Old Town. The City on the Crag

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Edinburgh's Old Town has been warred over for millennia. Being how close Edinburgh is to the borders, it was one of Scotlands most valuable strongholds. It said that Edinburgh it'self was built to scare off English people. With its dark and gothic tones and centuries-old buildings, Edinburgh has a unique, eerie beauty.  

Come join me as we take a virtual walk through Edinburgh's Old Town. We'll explore the cities history, from its first written accounts in the first century, it's role in the Scottish War of Independence, all the way to the Scottish Enlightenment period. 

Why I made this Tour

 It was Edinburgh's Old Town that first attracted me to this city. I fell in love with the place after I met the people and they got to enjoy the lifestyle, but the first impression of seeing this beautiful Gothic city still sticks with me. Out of all the walking tours I have done, the Old Town has been the tour I have done the most and the longest. This is the most versatile of all my virtual tours as the places I show you are tied to so many stories. 

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