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Edinburgh's Ghosts, Murderers & Monsters

About this online tour

This tour is brilliant for team building, friend groups, and families.

Join David as we go through Edinburgh's grizzly past. From gruesome murders and executions to urban legends and hauntings. This virtual tour turns the streets of Edinburgh into a dark video game while still keeping the history intact. Your attention will be tested as you answer questions to collect points.

Other versions are available on request, such as kid-friendly and Compact 45-minute versions.

We'll be exploring some of Edinburgh's most iconic sites such as:


  • Edinburgh's Underground Vaults

  • The Royal Mile

  • Edinburgh Castle and more!

Each level has two points to be collected through multiple-choice questions. Pay close attention to the host's stories as they hold the answers. Once an answer has been voted on, if the victims are right, they get the point. If they are wrong, they'll see what happens...

The stories included on this tour are:

  • The ghosts of Edinburgh Castle

  • The Scottish Witch Trials

  • The Black Dinner

  • The Body Snatchers

  • The serial killers Burke and Hare and much, much more.

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