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A bit about me 👇

Hi, my name is David and I live in Edinburgh Scotland. I am originally from Melbourne Australia.


I moved to Edinburgh in 2013 after I finished my degrees at Monash University. I just intended to travel through Europe for a year but had I fell in love with Edinburgh on a previous visit in 2007. I decided to stay a bit longer in the city and I got a job as a Tour Guide. I loved being a tour guide so much, I decided to stay an extra year. I then met a woman I fell in love with and in 2016, we got married. We are now both living together in Edinburgh and still love the city, despite the weather.

When the pandemic hit, I created virtual tours so I can still guide people from all around the world. I really appreciate every guest I get for trying this new way of guiding.


These tours are great for families, corporate teams, and individuals stuck at home. 

I conduct all of my tours virtual tours live across the Zoom app.

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