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Scottish Game Night. Trivia Competition and Chill

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Come join me, David, as I test your knowledge, observation,  and logic skills as we dive into Scottish history and pop culture. Along the way, I will be giving you interesting tidbits about Scottland using my own footage and photos. Such games include; Scottish film locations, bagpipe covers
Scottish Trivia and more!

This experience is great for corporate team building, parties and solo travellers. I have had experience hosting large events with my other virtual tours and have done experiences for Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Apple, and WIX to name a few.

This experience can be either highly competitive with more questions, or a relaxed game with more on Scottish history and pop culture. Whichever the group prefers. 

Win or lose, my aim is for guests to leave the experience feeling they have learned more about Scotland and its culture.

Why I made this experince.


I got the idea of the quiz night from the many guests who would ask me questions during and after my experiences. They loved the little nuggets of information I would give them. I wish to share my favourite trivia about Scotland with this experience.

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