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Control David as he walks the streets of Edinburgh from the comfort of your own home.

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Come on a live walking tour with me as I walk around the beautiful streets of Edinburgh. Control where I go, what I talk about, and providing it doesn’t break any laws or annoying the locals, dare me to do things. Enjoy a walk around the beautiful and haunting city of Edinburgh from your own home.

Before the tour, you will be given a PDF map of Edinburgh with places of interest marked out. We'll start at the bottom of the royal mile. From there, I will head up the streets towards the castle, telling my stories. The appointed leader of the group can yell at ‘David, I see something. I’ll stop walking, finish my story, then explore what was seen. If you spotted an alley along the way, let me know, and I will turn and head down it. If you see an interesting shop or pub, I can show it off to you. If you want me to check out a particular point of interest, I will head towards it, and even if I deviate off the path, I’ll always come back around to it.

The stories on this tour can include; Scottish history, folklore, myth, horror and Harry Potter related stories.

The tour will also have a GPS view of where I am so you can see the streets around me and their names. 

Why I made this tour

Since I started making virtual tours, I always wanted to bring my guests live to the streets. Now that Edinburgh has opened up and restrictions have been lifted, it’s time to take my virtual tours to the next level. Unlike my other virtual tours, I am not stuck on a set route. The guests can ask me to go to different areas and different places and tell different stories.

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