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We are inviting your team to be part of our experience

Previous clients include: 

What are Virtual Tours/Experiences?

 Virtual Tours are immersive experiences using videos, images, and graphics or live broadcasting to bring amazing locations right to your home. 

The aim of our tours is to create an experience that teammates, families and even strangers connect over.

What is Team Building?

 Team building is creating a connection between teammates, making them more comfortable around each other.

Our tours are designed to be an icebreaker and be a shared experience among teammates.

Why is Team Building important?

 Teams that are well connected and enjoy each other’s company are more satisfied with their job. This improves team communication, employee retention and more of all, productivity.
With more companies adopting the work from a home model, remotes teams don’t get in-person, face to face connections and can’t participate in in-person workplace events.  
Our tours are designed to be workplace events and experiences for remote teams. 

Our Tours and Experiences
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Your online tour guide
David Bassin. Headshot 5.jpg

Hi, I'm David 😀

I grew up in Melbourne, Australia, and I always had a love for history. After getting my degrees in Performing Arts (Acting) and Criminology at Monash University, I came to Edinburgh in 2013. I quickly fell in love with the city, got a job as a tour guide, then fell in love with a woman and got married. 


I have been now a tour guide in Edinburgh for 9 years doing walking tours. These include tours of the Old and New towns, Castle tours, Horror tours, and Harry Potter Tours. I worked mainly in partnership with SANDEMAN's New Europe and became their most reviewed guide on Trip Advisor (Australian David). 

During my time in lockdown, I created virtual tours as a way for people from all around the world to experience the wonders of this beautiful city from the comfort of their own home.


A bit about me

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