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Join our virtual tours designed for teams!

More than 100 satisfied companies around the world

What are Virtual Tours/Experiences?

 Virtual Toures are immersive experiences using videos, images, and graphics or live broadcasting to bring amazing locations right to your home. 

The aim of our tours is to create an experience that teammates, families and even strangers connect over.

What is Team Building?

 Team building is creating a connection between teammates, making them more comfortable around each other.

As featured in the 23 best online experiences for team building on, our virtual tours are designed to be an icebreaker and a shared experience among teammates. 

Why is Team Building important?

 Well-connected teams that enjoy each other’s company are more satisfied with their job. This improves team communication, employee retention and more of all, productivity.
With more companies adopting the work from a home model, remote teams don’t get in-person, face-to-face connections and can’t participate in in-person workplace events.  
Our tours are designed to be workplace events and experiences for remote teams. 

Our Tours and Experiences
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Edinburgh's Ghosts, Murderers & Monsters

1 hour total

Join us on a journey through Edinburgh's grizzly past. From gruesome murders and executions to urban legends and hauntings. This virtual tour turns the streets of Edinburgh into a dark video game while still keeping the history intact. Your attention will be tested as you answer questions to collect points.


Live in the streets of Edinburgh

1 hour total

Come on a live-streaming walking tour around the beautiful streets of Edinburgh. Control where I go, what I talk about, and providing it doesn’t break any laws or annoy the locals, you can dare me to do things! Enjoy a walk around the beautiful and haunting city of Edinburgh from your own home.


Scottish Game Night trivia and chill

1 hour total

Join to test your knowledge, observation, and logic skills as we dive into Scottish history and pop culture. Along the way, I will be giving you interesting tidbits about Scottland using my own footage and photos. Such games include; Scottish film locations, bagpipe covers Scottish Trivia and more!


Harry Potter, Magic in Edinburgh Tour

1 hour total

Join to see the beautiful Scottish city of Edinburgh through the eyes of J.K Rowling. From her poor beginnings to a billionaire author.

Along the way, we'll share the inspiration behind some of the most loved characters. We'll finish with a final quiz to see which Hogwarts house wins.

1,800+ reviews

Working Together


We booked David for a virtual team offsite and everyone loved it! David is a great storyteller who really pays attention to the details. The experience is interactive, entertaining and funny. If you're looking for a great virtual adventure, this one is it!


David’s trivia game was so fun, hilarious, refreshing, and engaging and it had just the right amount of challenge for our team! It brought out the best in everyone and pushed us each just the right amount! The graphics were impressive, the pacing was on point, and David was clearly in his element as a game master!


David is magical! The tour was a wonderful combination of trivia, commentary, history, and fun. For an online experience it exceeded expectations. I booked this as an all-staff event for my nonprofit, and it was a great way to do something together that was fun!

Coming to Edinburgh?

Check out our in-person tours around the Capital City of Scotland!

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